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I am an animation junkie and an enthusiast for everything colorful and dynamic.


Show Off + Mola, 2020

I was part of a team of animators in charge of giving life to these adorable animal illustrations.

I have done all Giraffe shots (rough animation and clean up). 

Animation for Panike

Favo Studio, 2019

I have created the animation and clean up for this part. It was a pleasure to be part of such a fun project, full of dynamic transitions and happy colors.

Concept: Pedro Tavares and Favo Studio

Direction and Illustration: Favo Studio
Animation: Favo Studio and Filipa Miguens
Audio: Carlos Geraldes and Tiago A. Calvário

Ladies Night

A fun video with a music from the artist Thornato.

I imagined Ladies Night moments full of dynamic movements and happy colors.


This one was a personal project in which I developed the concept and sound design.

LoopdeLoop animation challenge

The theme was Cute, so I imagined this annoying and overly excited auntie running for her nephew's cheeks.



Promotional video about the evolution of the motorized vehicle.


Children's Book

I was asked to do an animation video based on this children's book about nutrition and sleep quality importance in kids health. I loved to have full freedom regarding the concept.


Dell Freelance Video

I had so much fun developing this concept: everything is done under the brand's color palette.

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